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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

No More Wham, Bam, Thank You Man


Note to readers: This Blog entry is by Gregory Allen Edge one of my eBooks About Crew.
'Between Friends' by Sean Michael is a story that has the right balance between hot loving sex and emotional content. This story is all heart as it describes movingly and emotionally how each one deals with the ordeal of rape while at the same time helping each other to heal. The two couples are distinctly different in personality and their sex lives, but similar in their love and devotion for each other. This eBook reads like four separate stories that twine together to create one tale of perfect friendship between friends.
'Bits of Leather' by BA Tortuga is a steamy read! The characters Will and Dean are back. You might have loved them from the popular novel Latigo. If this is your first encounter with them, I guarantee you this eBook will leave you wanting more.
I find myself reading more and more gay erotica. Surprisingly enough (at least for me) these stories of Love, Sex, and much more are addictive. My partner actually opened my eyes or turned me onto, if you will, to reading erotica. I had no clue as to what this type of literature could do for our sex life! My Partner has been telling me for years that reading steamy stories with an actual Plot is far better than watching Wham Bam Thank You Man. I'm in the book business and here I am a Late Bloomer.
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Between Friends eBook edition by Michael, Sean
Two very different couples. Two very different lives. Yet somehow they manage to keep things between friends. Schoolteacher Jason and Harry the cop have a pretty good life together. Or at least they always have in the past. When Harry starts acting strangely, withdrawing from Jason and displaying bouts of mysterious anger, Jason starts to wonder if he's losing his hold on what he and Harry share. He turns to his friend Samuel, a college roommate, for a little moral support. Antique dealer Samuel has enough on his plate, buying a new house with his lover, Peter, and keeping up with their inventive love life. Luckily for Jason, Samuel's lover, Peter, is also a good friend of Harry's.
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Bits of Leather eBook edition by Tortuga, BA
First introduced in BA Tortuga's popular novel Latigo, cowboys Will and Dean are back, and happier than ever. Sometimes life is good, and this series of stories give the reader a sneak peek into the lives of these two proud, strong men. Set in a progression of seasons, these little glimpses give us Will and Dean laughing, loving, and sometimes recreating their favorite moments together. Hot, sweet, and all cowboy, Will and Dean will leave you smiling. And wanting more.
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