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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Down And Dirty or Love And Lust


Note to Readers. This Blog piece was written by Maverick Majors one of my eBooks About Crew!
'Hornito' by Mike Albo. Although this eBook opens in the present, the story flashes back to childhood memories. At first, I was not interested in reading these flashbacks, as they distracted me from the main story. I wanted to identify with the main character as an adult and see how he resolves his problems. Particularly the problem of forming a real connection with someone in an urban, every-man-for-himself, artificial, market-segment of a world. Once I got into the book a bit, the childhood and teenage memories seemed more relevant, not to mention painful and at times, embarrassingly familiar. I found myself laughing aloud many times.
'Private Party' by Jami Alden. I have not read a sexy eBook in so long..Well, of this genre. I definitely picked the right one! I was expecting some romance and hot sex and I got it plus all the scandal. It is one of the best books I've read. The sex scenes are so good you can't wait until the next encounter. I can't wait to buy another book from this author.

Hornito eBook edition by Albo, Mike
Juxtaposing a trip to his childhood home -- where he has retreated to try to make some sense of his hectic existence in New York City -- with memories of growing up gay in seventies suburbia, Albo creates "Mike Albo." This character's memories are from a fictitious life that's outrageous, hilarious, and embarrassingly real. From a typical suburban childhood to his perpetual search for true love, Albo evokes a poignant, nostalgic past and a vibrant, energetic present. By turns vulnerable and jaded, flamboyant and obsessive, Hornito is full of subversive humor and outrageous irony.
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Private Party eBook edition by Alden, Jami
TURN UP THE HEAT Finding her brand-new husband in flagrante delicto with another woman wasn't part of Julie Driscoll's plan for her lavish wedding reception. Now she's a bride without a groom-but she's determined to have a wedding night with someone. Her cheating husband's gorgeous brother will do just fine. Chris Dennison is everything his brother isn't, and his hard body is the stuff the steamiest sexual fantasies are made of.
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